We build culture shaping ideas with passionate founders and creators.

Quantum Ventures is purpose built to take transformational ideas from zero to one.

We are a start up studio and incubator based in Grand Cayman. We exist to take great ideas from concept to reality. We like to build stuff.


by Quantum

Quantum Ventures is a team of builders and makers, who are obsessed with creating.

We are passionate about starting the next great companies in media, entertainment, crypto, food and biotechnology. Our focus is solely on building things that matter.

Bolt logo
The new go to app for keeping up with Canadian public markets. Bringing beautiful design, intuitive experiences and a community first approach to investors.
CNVS Digital Labs logo
A design studio exclusively for start ups and early stage companies.
Food Revolution Labs logo
A brand incubator for disruptive cell based foods.


by Quantum

We only back companies and concepts we wish we had built ourselves. When we see something that is too transformational, exciting or disruptive to ignore, we seek meaningful partnerships where we can exponentially accelerate value by bringing both growth capital and our team of builders and makers.

PulpCulture logo
The next generation of alcohol. Fermented juice, with zero sugar.
Fiction Foods logo
A food architecture company focused on rewriting the way we produce protein.

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