It Takes More Than Simply
Adding Capital to Grow Your Startup

We'll help you turn your company into what you dreamed

What We Do

We are experts at two things: growing businesses and getting paying customers.

growing businesses and getting paying customers through a variety of online marketing funnels

Everyone here at Quantum Ventures has had entrepreneurial success, so we know what you’re going through. We know how awesome it feels to have success . . . and that feeling of dread that all startup founders have as well. So, naturally, we are perfectly suited to jump in and help you with those struggles.

We are uniquely talented at driving customer growth through online marketing channels. We provide our talents to promising startups in exchange for equity. It’s what a lot of people would mistake for ‘sweat equity.’

We like to call it ‘blowing up your bottom line . . . equity.’ The areas of expertise that we are really, truly great at include online sales funnel strategy, sales funnel builds and management, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and content and web development.

Who We Work With

What We Look For

True entrepreneurs not afraid to take the next step.

You have to be willing to really be an entrepreneur. What does that mean?

  • You have to be willing to work harder, longer, and for less money than everyone else for a period of time.
  • You have to have an open mind about where your business is going. The final product might not match the initial idea, so you should be flexible with changes in your industry.
  • You have to NEED to grow your business, not just ‘want.’ You have to live and breath the success of your business.
  • You have to be willing to take risks. Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. That’s because people who risk nothing rarely gain anything, and people who risk everything…well they can lose it. We are looking for people who consider risking nothing a bigger “risk” than risking everything.
You have to have the capacity to grow. We plan on helping your business grow quickly. So we need you to be able to keep up with rapidly growing demand.

What We Offer

AB Testing

We are constantly testing copy, creative, targeting, and landing pages for your ads to ensure we find the best possible combination.

Campaign Management

We use campaign data to tweak and improve the respective campaigns according to your goals.


See the results with data collection and analyst.


Create incredibly engaging and effective ad copy and CTAs.

Creative Design

Create professional graphics for your ads and website.


Turn visiting customers into paying customers.

What Our Clients Think

Our strength is in growing using online channels, so that is where we are most helpful.

Want to Work With Us?

Things that we really like to see in the businesses we partner with:

A Team
We love individuals grinding it out, but that doesn’t generally suit itself to scaling.
We work with companies that do significant business in the online world. Our strength is growing using online channels, so that is where we are most helpful. Some great examples are eCommerce businesses and online software or “SAAS” businesses.
We like to see companies that are already seeing significant success. If you aren’t already having success, we can’t be sure that your business model is sound. While we understand business models, it isn’t our primary area of expertise. If you aren’t already seeing that success, we do like to see, at a minimum, significant work toward validating our idea with our target customer group.

Why Quantum Ventures?

It’s tempting to accept money from any investor, but cash that comes from the wrong investor – those that don’t come with experience, connections, or expertise – is wasted money. It’s easy to burn through resources, but your business won’t get any traction if you don’t have the right direction. Finding an investor with the right skills is a lot like getting a cash investment, because not only are you saving time and money from hiring separate developers, copywriters, designers, and marketing agencies (all of which will add up exponentially), but you’ll end up generating more revenue from our expert services. That’s why you really need two things when it comes to an investor, no matter if cash is involved or not.


  • You need someone who has walked in our shoes and had the same struggles and successes that you have (or soon will have). Most people don’t understand that it can be equally as challenging to deal with both of those situations. We do. We’ve been there.


  • You need someone with expertise that you don’t have that will help you grow your business in a way that you can’t do on your own.

We won’t blame you for turning down a pile of cash, but if you’ve already burned through your first investment, and are ready to see real evolution in your business, we are exactly what you need.

So listen, if you've got a pile of cash staring you in the face and you are having trouble even thinking about turning it down, we're not going to blame you. But if you already burned through your first investment or you know that we are exactly what you need.

Content Services


Blogging is still an incredibly important piece of any successful marketing strategy. We help your business publish and distribute highly engaging and SEO-optimized blog posts that readers will want to share with their friends.

Video Content Strategy

Video is currently the most popular and powerful type of content on the Internet. We help your business conceptualize, create, edit, and distribute incredible videos that are tailored to both your audience and the respective social platform.

Social Media Management

We then actively share engaging content multiple times per week on all of your social media channels and report on progress every month.

Digital Marketing

While Facebook marketing and Google advertising is our primary focus, we have a diversified team of digital marketing experts. From email marketing, to website builds, to landing page optimization our experts can help you take your marketing initiatives to the next level.

Google Adwords

Using Google’s search ads, we are able to target people searching for your product or service using extensive keyword research for your business.


SEO has changed dramatically over the years, but it is still a critical part of your success. We optimize your site to ensure it organically ranks high for relevant keywords.

Retargeting Campaigns

Run highly personalized and targeted Facebook ads that bring past visitors back to your site.

Tracking Pixels

We start the process by creating your unique tracking pixel through your Facebook Ad Manager. This pixel is then installed on every page of your website.

The Team

Our Portfolio